How to prepare for a visit or medical functional training?

Patients – especially those who are about to visit a physiotherapist for the first time – often ask how they should prepare for a visit or medical functional training. The question may seem trivial, but is in fact very important, as proper preparation allows the patient, as well as the therapist, to feel more comfortable.

That’s why we have compiled a list of answers to most frequently asked questions:

  1. What should I wear?
    We recommend that you wear sports clothes: shorts, tracksuit, t-shirt, slippers or sports shoes. What is important is that you find the outfit comfortable, so that it allows you to move comfortably and allows the therapist easy access to treated areas of the body.
  2. Do I need to shower before the visit?
    It is not necessary, but sometimes it happens that inadequate personal hygiene may cause some discomfort to the patient, as well as the therapist. To avoid it, it is worth bringing spare underwear and socks, and if your visit is scheduled straight after work, it is possible to take a refreshing shower in our facility. If that is the case, please remember to bring a towel, shampoo, shower gel and slippers.
  3. Can I use ointments on treated areas of the body before the appointment?
    No. Treated area of the body shouldn’t be covered with any ointments, creams, warming up patches, etc., because they make physiotherapeutical work more difficult, or sometimes impossible. Ointments should be applied after, not before the procedure.
  4. How do I prepare for a functional training?
    The preparation is very similar as in the case of a physiotherapeutical procedure. You need to bring comfortable sports outfit, sports shoes, spare socks, and if you intend to use the shower please bring a towel, slippers and cosmetics.
  5. Where can I change?
    There are two changing-rooms in our facility. Please feel free to use them.
  6. Is it possible to use a shower before or after the procedure?
    Yes. Please bring your towel, slippers and cosmetics.