Our story

When in 2006 Sławomir Chomiak, who had just graduated from the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Physical Education in Wrocław, decided to open his first physiotherapeutical practice, he couldn’t predict that the name Physioteam would soon become a well-known and recognized brand in the medical services market in Wrocław.

The idea to create new quality in the area of physiotherapy was born out of passion and knowledge, and based on two simple questions: why and what for? The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge earned at the university didn’t fully satisfy the appetite of the young physiotherapist. He started thoroughly investigating the causes of the ailments that his patients consulted him about. He wanted to deeply understand the mechanisms behind these abnormalities and diseases in order to find the most adequate and effective treatment methods. “If you understand why something happened and you know what a given element of therapy can be used for, you will be able to help your patient effectively”, he says.

The number of satisfied patients was growing so fast that finding a new location soon became necessary. Patients were admitted in the practice in Zakrzowska street only for several months, before it was moved to Manganowa, which became Physioteam’s main location for the following 8 years. It was there that several physiotherapists, just as passionate about their job as the brand’s owner, gathered around Physioteam. A team of professionals with a holistic, cross-field and interdisciplinary approach to physiotherapy, was formed. Soon it turned out that the needs of the market were huge. That is why flexibility, as well as the necessity to evolve and evaluate one’s work, became a priority for the young team.

Among the patients visiting Physioteam there were not only those with typical ailments of the locomotor system, but also people with more and more complex problems and expectations, requiring not only physiotherapeutical, but also specialized medical care. That is why a personal trainer, dietician, neurologist and orthopedist joined Physioteam and the array of the company’s services was extended to entail the specialists’ consultations. At the same time, the founder of the brand, as well as other team members, more and more often took part in different events promoting health-awareness, disease prevention and healthy lifestyle.

Conscientiousness, knowledge, professionalism, individual approach and a friendly atmosphere motivated more and more patients every month to use Physioteam’s services, so in 2017 the company had to find a new location once more – one that is bigger and better adapted to the growing needs. Since 1st October 2017 the practice has operated in Trwała 7, where, in freshly renovated premises, Physioteam offers a wider array of services with an unchanged guarantee of quality.