Price list

From April 1, 2023, a new price list for the services of the Physioteam Medical Center will apply.

Voice emission physiotherapy (dr Sławomir Chomiak) 320 zł.

visit to a physiotherapist
standard visit to a physiotherapist; the time of the visit is individually selected by you
200 zł
visit to a physiotherapist
price for the second and each subsequent visit per week for one person
180 zł
visit to a physiotherapist with physiotherapeutic ultrasound
a standard visit to a physiotherapist with an ultrasound examination
220 zł
visit to a physiotherapist “on the spot”
decisions about a visit “on call” are made by a physiotherapist based on the initial interview
medical and time possibilities according to the type of services provided
resulting from the regulations of the Physioteam medical entity
250 zł
home physiotherapy visitindywidualna cena
Urogynecological visit (Julia Ciuryk-Kosowska, MA)
the visit includes: full physiotherapeutic diagnosis (including per vaginam examination)
220 zł
physiotherapeutic consultation with functional motor examination300 zł
Medical functional training conducted by a physiotherapist
specialized training used in physioprophylaxis, treatment of problems
health, rehabilitation and as support for dietary management
180 zł
Functional training
is intended for healthy people who want to improve their physical condition in
in a way that is directed to your daily function or preferred activity
160 zł
visit to the orthopedist Dr. Konrad Malinowski400 zł
visit to the neurosurgeon Dr. Dariusz Szarek400 zł
First dietary/psychodietetic consultation
duration of the visit up to 90 minutes; online visit
220 zł
Another dietary/psychodietetic consultation
duration of the visit up to 60 minutes; online visit
160 zł
A simplified nutrition plan140 zł
Nutrition plan for 7 days180 zł
Obstetric visit (Marlena Baran, MA) theoretical instruction and practical learning
(perineal massage, care newborn, lactation advice, work with the pelvic floor muscles and breathing in
during childbirth)
220 zł
Obstetric consultation (Marlena Baran, MA)
theoretical preparation for childbirth, puerperium, newborn care
200 zł
Teaching babywearing (Marlena Baran, MA)
duration of the visit up to 120 minutes
250 zł
Physioteam Childbirth School for Women
possibility of installment payment in 4 installments (payable on the 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th meeting)
960 zł
Preventive program “When it hurts in the spine”
possibility of installment payment in 3 installments (payable on 1,8,17 training)
1605 zł
Ultrasound in physiotherapy – surcharge for the visit
price added to a standard visit to a physiotherapist, if applicable
20 zł