Physiotherapeutical consultation 130 zł
a visit to a physiotherapist “STAT”

Physiotherapist may agree to visit without delay based on the initial medical history and time
availability according to the type of services provided under the Regulations of the Medical Center.
150 zł
Orthopaedical consultation with doctor Konrad Malinowski 250 zł
Neurosurgical consultation with doctor Dariusz Szarek 250 zł

Price list valid from 1st May 2021:


Physiotherapist appointment

standard (children and adults)
150 zł

Physiotherapist appointment

rehabilitation (children and adults) for people undergoing regular, long-term rehabilitation in chronic diseases
130 zł

Physiotherapist appointment – urgent

After an initical medical interview a physiotherapist may decide about the necessity of an urgent appointment, provided that the working schedule allows for it and it is consistent with the types of services provided by the medical entity defined in its regulations. (children and adults)
170 zł

Physiotherapist home visit

(children and adults)
180 zł

Physiotherapeutic consultation with motor function assessment

(children and adults)
200 zł

Physiotherapeutic consultation with functional assessment and its medical evaluation for children

250 zł

Appointment with Konrad Malinowski, MD – orthopaedist

300 zł

Appointment with Dariusz Szarek, MD – neurosurgeon

250 zł
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