Piotr Harasymowicz | physiotherapist

Master of Physiotherapy. Graduate of Physiotherapy at the University of Physical Education in Wrocław.

Former teaching and research associate at the University of Physical Education’s Kinesiology Department. Leaving the academic teacher’s position allowed him to fulfill his therapeutical ambitions. In his work as a physiotherapist he is especially interested in the effectiveness of a therapeutical process built upon the foundation of combined scientific knowledge and clinical observation. In medical training he focusses mainly on functionality and on therapeutical transformation of the patient’s body awareness. He builds a positive rapport with his patients, based on kindness and a friendly approach.

Apart from his physiotherapeutical work, as a member of the National Physiotherapy Council, he is actively involved in social activity in favor of patients and physiotherapists. He loves mountains, wine and music.

Areas of his professional interest include:

  • Physiotherapy in orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy in locomotor system traumatology
  • Functional training
  • Improving the mechanisms of motor control